Our Philosophy

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Published on Sunday, 20 January 2013 22:06
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Our Philosophy


My Stow-n-Tow creates reasonably priced, useable and practical items, by our own design, with fabulous fantastic fabrics. We believe that by using colourful and happy materials, individuals will be more inclined to use and reuse our products, thus helping keep things just a little bit more ‘green’. Every item we create is made in the spirit of simple stow and tow. Promoting the notion of keeping things tidy and towable – just the way we like it.


Our focus is three fold:



My Stow-n-Tow is specifically designed to be easily carried, open and closed, and packed and unpacked by even our youngest friends. Tots as young as two will be able to participate in easy and fun sorting, storing, cleaning-up, and packing by filling the tote and pulling it shut. Then simply stow it away or tow it along.


It is a great way to keep your activities organized and less hectic. Dedicating a different tote to each activity is a great way to stay organized and to help develop responsibility and independence -instilling pride and ownership involved in extra-curricular activities. One for music class, one for gymnastics, one for library – the possibilities are endless.



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